Sunday, October 25, 2009

deep blue

OPI - Play 'Til Midnight

i've been scoping around for the perfect blue nail polish and this might just be it. It's a navy blue base with purple and pink shimmer. it's from 08's holiday in toyland collection so you might not be able to find it in stores, but OPI has one called Russian Navy that looks similar.. just a little more glitter than shimmer.
i really like this color for day and/or night.... probably not so much for work tho :-/

Saturday, October 24, 2009


i'm really heart-ing animal print right now so i'm happy that it's popping up everywhere.

i picked up this cute leopard cardigan at forever21 a few weeks ago and it was just hanging in my closet waiting to be worn. Then, last weekend when the temperatures dropped, i finally got to wear it. ::insert big cheesy smile here:: now i can't seem to take it off. good thing i'm not a celebrity because they would have me in one of those magazines under 'Her Favorite Cardigan' and show my repeat offenses. lol
i wore it over a long white V-neck tshirt and black leggings with the red lips :)
((i should have done the 'what i wore' pic))

not just for the ladies

I saw Mario's video for Thinkin About You the other day and loved the man scarf look he was rockin'.

What do you girls think.?
Man scarf: yay or nay.?

Jay Z

Justin Timberlake

Marc Anthony

Just for a moment, live in joy. Forget about what should or should not be, and just let yourself be as you are.

Let go of the need to need. Feel the reality that you already are enough, and that it is truly magnificent.

Do not worry about what will be or what won’t be. See and feel the limitless beauty of what is.

Taste the eternal freshness of now. Live fully the boundless miracle of existence.

What you authentically feel now, you feel always. This moment is the most valuable opportunity you’ve ever known.

Live in joy now. And carry more joy forward as each moment passes.

— Ralph Marston

hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :)


i know i'm a lil late with this one.. i've been busy and forgot to post this song, but trust, you want to download it. his voice is ridiculous. his songs make me swoon. this is another to add to the list of songs by mr. robin thicke.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i heart mango

UMM yum, but i wasn't talking about those mangos.

i was referring to Penelope and Monica Cruz's clothing line :)

fall/winter '09
Scarlett Johansson

i need this dress and belt in my life. k? thx.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


N.E.R.D. Santigold

i don't know what they told you,
but i am a soldier baby

they've been performing this song for what seems like forever, but here's the studio version


sorry i've been ghost and not posting lately. this new job has me busy and tired... and i kinda love it. lots of good things going on besides the fabulous new job that are keeping a smile on my face. :)

these past couple of days there's been lots of talk about a 'cold front' coming through south florida and i've been getting all hyped up about it. i mean... even mid to low 70s would make me happy. this heat in mid October isn't cute. so i went online today just to see for myself...

whaaaat.?! lows in the 60s.!? i'm excited. these weather people better not be lying and playing with my emotions. i'm not even mad about the 'scattered thunderstorms.' if that's what's going to give us chilly weather, bring it on.! time to take out the sweaters... ok time to take out A sweater lol.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

why i love October

i can't walk away from the bag.

... that and the weather starts to get cooler (kinda, hopefully)

i still haven't figured out (or really given it much thought) if i'm going to dress up this year or not. and if i decide yes, then i have to think about what to dress up as.
any ideas.?

last year i just took Jamel trick-or-treating and took all his candy... and no, that's not mean. he was two. two year olds shouldn't be eating so much candy. i was doing him a favor. and, as a matter of fact, three year olds shouldn't either. i might have to help him out again.


some pieces i think would look nice in my jewelry drawer for my weekend pleasure

Melody Ehsani
Chain Pow Gun necklace
Pow Gun Ring in pink
..or the chain one, but this one's pink :)

Good Wood NYC Fang Necklace
i can have Edward around my neck

Burberry Barbed Wire Ring

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i miss my bangs


It hit me like a heart attack i never knew that love can knock me over like that
My feet it started skippin and my heart started trippin when you walked into the room
I wasn't ready for no heart attack i never knew that love can knock me over like that
Somebody call the peramedic and tell them to get my room ready just in case i can't get over you

tweet of the day

gotta love ms.badu's tweets