Thursday, October 15, 2009


sorry i've been ghost and not posting lately. this new job has me busy and tired... and i kinda love it. lots of good things going on besides the fabulous new job that are keeping a smile on my face. :)

these past couple of days there's been lots of talk about a 'cold front' coming through south florida and i've been getting all hyped up about it. i mean... even mid to low 70s would make me happy. this heat in mid October isn't cute. so i went online today just to see for myself...

whaaaat.?! lows in the 60s.!? i'm excited. these weather people better not be lying and playing with my emotions. i'm not even mad about the 'scattered thunderstorms.' if that's what's going to give us chilly weather, bring it on.! time to take out the sweaters... ok time to take out A sweater lol.

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