Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Betty la fea

no tiene nada de fea.

America Ferrera in Latina Magazine
looking beautiful.

and another beautiful Latina to grace the cover of a magazine, Penelope Cruz in Vanity Fair

Monday, September 28, 2009

wearin' a smile

just got home from my first day and this song describes how i'm feelin'

love the suits...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

tweet of the day

"Hate is easy; Love takes courage."

Friday, September 25, 2009

happy friday

being home all day is not as fun as it sounds. and i thought i'd be sleeping all day, but these pain meds are not strong enough to knock me out but apparently strong enough that moms doesn't want me driving. sooo being home is kinda boring... and can be quite dangerous with online window shopping. my bag on forever21 alone has already racked up to a total of $322.20. lol i'm not really going to buy all that.. obviously. even tho half of it is for work... well, almost half. kinda.?

i also found these beauties that would look sooo puuuurty on my feet...
Givenchy Roger Vivier

and these would look nice on the boy...

and tonight is/was suppose to be the trial run for these minnie mouse cupcakes Nikki wants to do for her daughter's bday party this weekend. so nikki, if you're reading this: i'm trying to figure out a way to get over there. and where there's a will, there's a way. i mean... minnie mouse cupcakes with my BFF and her beautiful daughter.?!? no wine tho :( damn medicines. yes, with an 'S' i got a mini freakin' pharmacy over here.

that's all.... have a great friday loves.
smile. stay positive. keep those glasses half full.

hasta luego.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


i've never gone under anesthesia for anything before.
this will change tomorrow. and i'm nervous as fu@$. i mean, it's just a simple wisdom teeth extraction, but still. the only other time i've had an IV put in, i passed out. when i tell this to people, they look straight at one of my tattoos and give me a crazy look. it's not the same.! i like tattoos. hospital needles, not so much. that's why my sister is the one working at the hospital and not me. another thing, i don't like the idea of being knocked out in a dentist's office chair and waking up in my bed back at home with no recollection of how i got there. and this whole 'you wont be able to eat for a few days' mess.. what is that.? how am i suppose to survive off of soup and yogurt.? ok, now i'm just being dramatic. i'm just crazy nervous and not looking forward to the pain and swelling. and of course, i will not be able to sleep tonight. i guess i can keep myself busy with online window shopping. :)

UPDATE: it's Thursday afternoon and i had my procedure this morning. It was not bad at all. i don't remember much after the doctor gave me the IV with the anesthesia. My mom told me that i was talking crazy talk when she came to get me from the room after aaand i have a piece of paper with notes i was writing with the nurse since i couldn't talk. LOL some stuff doesn't even make sense and other things are just hilarious. i refuse to throw it away. oh, and my mom says i was hitting my face because i thought it was so funny that i couldn't feel it. i put ' i can't feel my face' on twitter and people thought i was quoting a lil wayne song.... NO PEOPLE, i really couldn't feel my damn face. haha other than that i'm great. just mad that i can't eat what i want to eat. i'm lucky that i have a future nurse as a sister. she came over to check on me and mushed up a banana for me. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

more sequins

i'm really feelin' the sequins look right now, that's no secret. imagine my happy surprise when i walk into the steve madden store today with my friend and see these cute peep toe booties ((i also love peep toe shoes))

then, my friend calls me and i turn around to see her holding these pumps

On another note: i went shopping for work clothes last night. :) Bought some cute blazers, blouses, and a pencil skirt. i've always thought the pencil skirt wasn't for me because i'm so tiny (i'm only 5'0), but thank God for the petite section in the stores. Everything fit me perfectly.... i won't even have to get the arms hemmed on the jackets. :)) If only I could find the perfect pair of comfortable black pumps.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Joss Stone - Free Me

Don’t tell me that I won’t
I can
Don’t tell me that I’m not
I am
Don’t tell me that my master plan
Ain't coming true

Don’t tell me that I won’t
I will
Don’t tell me how to think
how to feel
Don’t tell me cause I know what’s real
What I can do

great news

i got a J O B.!
i've known for a little under a week, but i didn't want to announce it until it was official and i accepted the offer. it's not with the school board, has nothing to do with teaching, and i'm completely OK with that. like i've said, things are not great in the education system right now so instead of moping around and feeling discouraged about it, why not try my hand at something new.?!! who knows what will come out of this.?! it's like a new challenge and i can't wait to dive into it. after all, what is life without challenges.?!! i'm also thinking of going back to school part time to get my MBA.. lots of things on my mind. and i'm so excited for all the new possibilities.
i start my training a week from today and have been trying to squeeze last minute appointments into this week before all the busy-ness starts.

thanks to everyone who kept me in their prayers.

"Unless you try something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

get in my closet...

Jimmy Choo for H&M

my sunday

i've had such a busy weekend.! two birthday parties... Silvia's friday night and a spiderman party for jamel on saturday. but for now, i'll just tell you about today. i woke up at the crack of freaking dawn to go out to breakfast. what can i say... I'm such a sucker for pancakes. YUM. Then, i went to church. (o_O) me going to church is kind of a big deal because i haven't been since i lived in miami almost 5 years ago.
over a late lunch, my mom and i were talking about how we haven't had one of our late afternoon Sunday movies in a while soooo... it was movie time. Only problem was, we couldn't agree on a movie. She wanted to see the Jennifer Aniston 'Love Happens' movie and i wanted to see Tyler Perry's 'I Can Do Bad All By Myself.' well... she pays so i'll give you two guesses as to what we saw. lol
Do you remember back in high school or even younger when you would go to the movies early and spend the day sneaking into different movies.? yea, well, i never did that. i was always such a scaredy cat that i would get caught and papi would whoop me.
as we're walking out of the movie, i notice that the tyler perry movie was going to start in about 5 minutes. hmmmmmm
yup. i definitely talked my mom into sneaking into the movie. haha. 1) i felt like a kid and 2) i felt like a bad ass. the whole time my mom's saying 'vero, i don't know. what if someone says something.'
well nobody did and we got to see both movies. And if you're wondering, they're both good.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

current read

i've heard a lot of good things about this book, so i decided to finally read it. And thanks to a friend for loaning it to me, i didn't even have to make a trip to the library.

In Outliers, Malcom Gladwell deconstructs the idea behind 'success.' The book explains that there is much more to success than simply intelligence and ambition.

I've only just finished the second chapter so i can't say much yet. I will tell you that it is interesting and forces you to look at things differently. I'm adding his other two books The Tipping Point and Blink to my list of books i still want to read.

Check it out. Read it with me. Tell me what you think.


maybe all three of these pieces in my closet would be a bit much (or not), but i really want at least one.

The Diary of...

Remember this one.?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hello lover

oh Mr.Louboutin , you've done it again... you've taken my breath away. i'm in love. Someone, anyone, needs to make these or something like them for under $1,195.... wayyyy under that. thanks in advance.


i love this photo of Alicia Keys at the Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld and Andy Valmorbida show during New York Fashion Week a few days ago. so cool and casual. definitely something i would love to rock.... especially those necklaces with the jacket.

Alicia Keys -

Monday, September 14, 2009


i didn't catch the MTV Video Music Awards last night, but i sure did hear about Kanye West and his incredibly rude moment. Based on the pictures of him with his bottle of Hennessey on the red carpet, i can only assume he will blame it on the a a a alcohol. ((sorry, had to do it))
on to red carpet pics:

Jennifer Lopez
i love you but not the dress
stunner of the night
i need the imitation of the dress
Alicia Keys
same dress.!!!!

Kanye & Amber Rose
i don't know who's worse
Adrienne Bailon
was she tryna keep with the Cheetah look.?
Nelly Furtado
love the pockets
Kid Sister
sequin leggings=love
Lady Gaga
hot mess