Friday, September 4, 2009


Everyone in the blog world is writing about how summer is over and they are so excited for fall blah blah. This makes me want to move up north. Ok, maybe not way up north because i'm cold in 60 degree weather, but somewhere that it gets chilly. i'm a true south floridian. i want to be able to wear coats and blazers and boots too.! Down here, we get hot and really hot. this past winter was actually pretty cold and i got to wear scarves and all that, but it's rare. And being that it never really gets that cold, i wasn't prepared. My mom is taking a trip up north to visit her brother in October and, as bad as it sounds, i want to go just so i can buy 'fall clothes' haha. don't judge me. :p

i die for the layered look with jackets, scarves, and cardigans but it is unbearably hot down here in florida. and i am not exaggerating.. you sweat walking from a building to your car and even then you have to wait at least a good 5 minutes to feel the AC even if it's on blast. haha on the plus side, i can still wear all my cute dresses and bright nail polish.

((i tried to not use all pics of KK, but like i said the other day, i really like her her stylist's outfits))

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