Tuesday, September 22, 2009

more sequins

i'm really feelin' the sequins look right now, that's no secret. imagine my happy surprise when i walk into the steve madden store today with my friend and see these cute peep toe booties ((i also love peep toe shoes))

then, my friend calls me and i turn around to see her holding these pumps

On another note: i went shopping for work clothes last night. :) Bought some cute blazers, blouses, and a pencil skirt. i've always thought the pencil skirt wasn't for me because i'm so tiny (i'm only 5'0), but thank God for the petite section in the stores. Everything fit me perfectly.... i won't even have to get the arms hemmed on the jackets. :)) If only I could find the perfect pair of comfortable black pumps.


Jowy said...

Bring on the sequins baby! love it!

One Love,

Lil' Woman said...

Love the booties! :)