Sunday, February 28, 2010

tied up

if it has a bow tie on it, i want it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i have a tumblr now.

like i don't already spend enough time online.
now i just have to figure it out.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hope Help Heal Haiti

CFDA To Haiti With Love shirt to support the Haiti earthquake relief
buy yours here


photobooth on my MacBook and now this new polaroid program i downloaded
i'm obsessed

i didn't pick how the pictures come out. i just dragged the pictures from photobooth to the polaroid camera and that's what came out. it even makes the sound of the polaroid coming out and takes a while to show.. you know, like how the old polaroids were. remember.? you had to wave them around.? 80's baby.

Monday, February 22, 2010

i get it

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sigma Update

Hi Dolls,
I finally washed my make up brushes. i've been kinda busy doing other things [aka lazy] that it took me a while to get over to Sephora to buy the brush shampoo and even after i bought it, it took another few days to wash them. First of all, there was very minimal shedding when i washed them and i made sure to wash them thoroughly since it was the first time. I used them for the first time this morning and was very pleased with the brushes. I was surprised at how big they are. The handles are sturdy and look polishes (similar to the MAC brushes). The powder brush has soft, dense fibers that applied my BareEssentuals powder evenly and makes it look natural. i really was surprised at the difference the brushes makes. The foundation brush has firm bristles, but the brush is very soft to your skin.

They really are great brushes. My only regret is that i didn't buy the brush roll. i didn't realize how big they were going to be and they don't fit in the brush roll i have. so my advise: buy the set that includes the roll.

while we're on the topic of makeup.... i have to tell you about my new favorite eye shadow palette.

this beauty was given to me as a Christmas gift and i am in love. i love purple eye makeup and these shadows are bright, pretty, and strongly pigmented colors that will brighten brown eyes and stay on all night... trust me. i know. ;)
ladies night.. this was my eyeshadow of choice.


"My temper is ridiculously bad. I’ve had to say to Brian, ‘You have to go and stop talking to me, because I’m going to kill you. I’m going to stab you with something, please leave,’ I’d never own a gun for that reason. I wouldn’t shoot to kill. But I would shoot him in the leg, for sure."
-Megan Fox

although it could have been a vero quote. word for word. LOL

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

i hope everyone had a valentine's day full of l-o-v-e

i got to spend the weekend getting the best kisses from my two favorite boys.
little juju and my big juju
[i should take a pic of them together]

the best part was knowing that i get that love and those kisses year round
((and my gifts didn't hurt either))

Thursday, February 11, 2010

to haiti, with love

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) has named Beyonce the face of the "Fashion For Haiti" tshirt line that was created to raise funds for the people of Haiti. Starting February 16, the tshirt will be sold for $25 with the proceeds going to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

::sidenote:: she looks beyond beautiful.

rude boy

this song makes me feel so naughty... and i love that. ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

such a Veronica

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sigma MakeUp

Hola, ladies. Happy Friday.!

i came home from work the other to a present from the fed-ex guy. ok. ok. ok. it was really a present to and from myself, he just delivered it.

The Sephora make up brushes I have are pretty much done-zo. I've just had them for a while and will admit that i haven't taken the best care of I needed new ones. I thought about splurging and popping into a MAC store and going crazy, but then i remembered Sigma. And i mean, really girls, who doesn't like a good deal.? ONE brush at MAC would cost anywhere from $19-$45. Or you could click on Sigma MakeUp and purchase a whole set of MAC comparable brushes for only $69 plus shipping. The set comes with 12 brushes. I'm not a professional make up artist or anything and it's not like i go crazy with makeup anyway so why even spend that much.?! Maybe one day. But, for now I got the Sigma brushes and they even came with a large makeup bag as a gift for purchasing around Valentine's Day. Freebies are always a plus.

Ok dolls... i'm off to the Express Friends&Family sale.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


the other night during the Grammys... as beyonce was performing, i couldn't take my eyes off of her boots. loooove. i thought they were the same ones Mariah Carey has on in the 'Angels Cry' video but they're not. ( and i still don't know what those are, so if you do please send me a shout) now, normally i'm not a fan of jewels like that on clothes/shoes at all but i must say, they look effing HOT on these boots. they're Guiseppe Zanotti and run for about $1500 (ouch) but Report Signature makes a similar pair for $300. c'mon Forever21.. can i get a pair for $32.?!?!

after the grammys...

i had to post this pic of two of my favorite ladies. damn, Jennifer Lopez is 40 and a mother of twins.! they're both beautiful, but i think she's killin harder than Bey in this picture. :::kanye shrug::: sorrry.

Monday, February 1, 2010


oh blog, how i've been neglecting you.
i woke up this morning to realize that it's already February. wow.
and i haven't been able to keep up with one of my goals of 2010.. the blog.

don't feel so bad blog, i haven't been reading much either. no bueno.

i have, however, been killin at my job.

i was at target the other day and noticed the sequel to Eat, Pray, Love [Committed] is out. i loved the first one so much, i'm hoping i'll love the second just as much. and it'd be nice to start reading again. i told a friend of mine that i wanted to do a mini book club. she said she would... with one condition: i got back to my blog. so i'm going to really try to make a point at updating more often. and i have to purchase the book.

lemme know if you'd like to read the book with us.