Monday, February 1, 2010


oh blog, how i've been neglecting you.
i woke up this morning to realize that it's already February. wow.
and i haven't been able to keep up with one of my goals of 2010.. the blog.

don't feel so bad blog, i haven't been reading much either. no bueno.

i have, however, been killin at my job.

i was at target the other day and noticed the sequel to Eat, Pray, Love [Committed] is out. i loved the first one so much, i'm hoping i'll love the second just as much. and it'd be nice to start reading again. i told a friend of mine that i wanted to do a mini book club. she said she would... with one condition: i got back to my blog. so i'm going to really try to make a point at updating more often. and i have to purchase the book.

lemme know if you'd like to read the book with us.

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