Friday, February 5, 2010

Sigma MakeUp

Hola, ladies. Happy Friday.!

i came home from work the other to a present from the fed-ex guy. ok. ok. ok. it was really a present to and from myself, he just delivered it.

The Sephora make up brushes I have are pretty much done-zo. I've just had them for a while and will admit that i haven't taken the best care of I needed new ones. I thought about splurging and popping into a MAC store and going crazy, but then i remembered Sigma. And i mean, really girls, who doesn't like a good deal.? ONE brush at MAC would cost anywhere from $19-$45. Or you could click on Sigma MakeUp and purchase a whole set of MAC comparable brushes for only $69 plus shipping. The set comes with 12 brushes. I'm not a professional make up artist or anything and it's not like i go crazy with makeup anyway so why even spend that much.?! Maybe one day. But, for now I got the Sigma brushes and they even came with a large makeup bag as a gift for purchasing around Valentine's Day. Freebies are always a plus.

Ok dolls... i'm off to the Express Friends&Family sale.

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