Tuesday, December 30, 2008


day two at the beach. i love living in florida.
middle of the winter and i'm laying on the beach...
two days in a row...
77 degrees. light breeze.
with good people, publix subs, and fruit.

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tomorrow is new year's eve. end of '08.
2008 was a good year.
and 2009 is going to be great.
i feel it.
i'm not going to bother with a 'new years resolution'.
they don't make sense to me.
and for the most part.. people don't stick to them.
i will, however, be eating my 12 grapes at midnight. lol.

... i.must.travel... i.will.travel.

i caught myself smiling for NO reason today.
well i didn't.. silvia did. but when she asked what was so funny
i said 'nothing.. just happy' =]
what a nice feeling.

'the universe is conspiring in my favor'

Sunday, December 28, 2008

curious case of...

i saw the curious case of benjamin button last night.. interesting movie.. i really liked it... it was kind of sad but not boohoo cry throughout the movie sad. just sad for the character and the situations he goes through... it's crazy how they made Brad Pitt look... it was really long too. this old dude fell asleep in the movie and started snoring.!!! lmao. hilarious. then, at the end he turns to his wife and asks, 'so how was it.?' lolol..
then hit up sonic after.. those tater tots are yummy.

my sister saw the 'yes man' movie with jim carrey and said it was funny so i want to see that one..
for xmas my mom got me the sex n the city movie so i might have to plan a girls night with it and some wine.. hmmm.

i've become obsessed with decorating and organizing my room.. i want to keep adding things or moving things around to make it perfect. i'm happy with the furniture and the way it's set up but now i need things on the walls.. i have the 'live laugh love' up and i think that's pretty. i went to target today looking for a large picture frame because i want to take the 'promise yourself' poem.. blow it up(big).. and frame it. i couldn't find anything i liked :( i'd like it to be bronze to match the rest of my room decor.
i'm going to try michael's.. they have cute frames there.
i want some nice candles too.. not just for pretty.. candles to burn that smell nice. and some nice curtains..
i got some cute shoes for my internship...
these are called 'veronica' so i swore they were made for me lol
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oh, and i got a new book.. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. i haven't even finished Eat, Pray, Love yet.. i just want to have my next book lined up.. and it's something i'm really interested in. i have to hurry and get to reading before my internship gets started.

i tried a new recipe from Publix today.. honey chicken and ginger broccoli.. yumm.
it also has vanilla rice.. but i didn't try that. next time.
try it. lemme know what you think.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


just a few of the pictures from Nochebuena of my family <3. 
they're mostly all by the Christmas tree lol
yeya likes the tree in the pics because she says they look better. 







he's obsessed...


hopefully going down to see Alain & Steph today.! <3 
check out her blog...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad everyone.!!! Noche Buena was amazing last night.! I made place cards and everything. i think this was the most organized we've ever done it.! Pictures later. Even though they all look the same.. you know.. standing next to the Christmas tree... Today i'm enjoying all of Jamel's many toys with him. And probably watching 'spider-eman' 10 times. lol and of course the best thing about yuca on Noche Buena is yuca frita on Christmas Day.!! yum yum yum.

mi burrito sabanero -

Joy To The World - Mariah Carey

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

holiday shopping.

i still haven't found my ID.. i'm over it.
some lucky little 18 year old is walking around with MY id..
you're welcome.

so i went to the dmv today to get a new one.
i gave the girl my name and sat down.
in the worst seat possible.
i sat behind a guy from new york who spent the entire hour and a half i was there complaining about florida. not even joking.. the entire time.! telling whoever would sit next to him his entire life story. at first it was entertaining but quickly turned annoying as everything that came out of his mouth was a complaint about something. i couldn't take it.! so much negativity.
anyway.. between this dude.. the fact that i forgot my book at home.. and the too long wait... i left... ID-less.
whatever. i'll use my passport. lol.

all my presents are wrapped.

the mall wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.. i was more annoyed by the lack of merchandise i wanted than by the people..
i still have not been able to find any shoes for my internship.. ughhh
and i still haven't bought myself a gift.
i triiiiied to go into MAC but my mall buddy didn't want to go in.
which reminds me of something funny..
he said that girl's stores should have a 'waiting room' type area for guys with couches and a tv playing ESPN.. haha.. i think it's a pretty good idea.. then they wouldn't complain so much.
GUESS has a few couches but no tv..

do i dare go again tomorrow before the Noche Buena festivities.?! hmmm.

another reason why my mom is the best mom ever:
i ran out of biosilk the other day and mentioned it to her.. didn't say i wanted another bottle or anything.. just asked her if she had any of her garnier fructis one to use until i bought more.. now. let it be known that my mom is not one for names... she doesn't understand why one is more expensive than the other.
anyway. when i went to get my lotion this morning, i noticed a brand new bottle of biosilk. no note. no mention of it from her. it was just there. i freaking love her.


two videos in one day.?!!

this song is beautiful... enjoy.

P.S. Michael Ealy's smile is amazing. lol


so fierce... looooves it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

gingerbread house.?!!!

i have never made a gingerbread house.  they're always around during Christmas time, but we (my family) just never made one.. or even bought one.  so friday i went and picked up a gingerbread house making kit... and i got cookie dough because i wanted to make holiday cookies for Silvs who had invited me over to watch a movie.. with the red and green sugar on top. 
so friday i made the sugar cookies YUM... i think i might do that again tomorrow or Christmas Eve ... or both. yea i know.. i keep eating sweets.. i may suffer from the curse of packing on the holiday weight. thank goodness kelly moved back home. 

then Kels came over Saturday to help make the gingerbread house.  it was fun and came out super cute considering it was the first time either of us made one... we felt like little kids. =]


Sunday i went down south for an engagement party and ended up staying the night.. fun times with giselle lol...

tomorrow i will join fellow procrastinators at the mall for last minute xmas shopping... i've decided to get myself a present too... to:vero love:vero.  wrap it and all. why not.? i deserve it. 

so as i'm blogging.. the hills is on in the background. this show is awful. period. 

a little Mariah Carey Christmas music... 


i received mail today. REAL mail. from my dad in Spain. 
Christmas pictures...


my reaction: 'papi.?!?! is that you.?!'  lolol it looks like a picture from a parenting magazine or something lolol... but it's very cute. 

oh and this little model of a brother of mine...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

..just because

Christina Milian on the cover of Rap-Up..
lovin the pic. 

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Justin Timberlake  T.I  :  If I

Keri Hilson  Lil Wayne : Turning Me On 

the great pretenders.

my love affair with Bella, Edward, and Jacob has ended.  :(  the series was amazing... i loved every page of each of the books.. 

now i'm reading Eat, Love, Pray and it has me thinking ((uh oh)) lol

The past few months and the months ahead are a time of self inquiry for me too in a way.  i have been.. and continue to search for meaning in my life..wow that sounds dramatic but i mean.. the why's.. you know.?  there's more to life than work on weekdays and parties and clubs on the weekends.. I want to be happy and make sure that i've done my part to make others happy too.. and i def want to do it the right way..I know that i'm headed in the right direction with my career.. i'm happy and i know that i'll be doing what i feel very passionate about.. teaching others... and learning from them as well... now don't get worried.. this isn't leading to the 'i want to settle down and have babies' talk most women have... i'm not jumping on that bandwagon.. lol.. plenty of time for that... i mean more on a spiritual level. inner peace and tranquility. not the hippie type.. and not really on an OD level.. i'm not about to convert religions or anything ((lol))  just getting rid of all the negativity and the BS and being happy... completely.. genuinely happy. not pretending... and i think i'm doing pretty good.. things won't always be perfect.. that's obvious. ish happens.. i just want to try to have that 'inner peace' so i can climb over the obstacles without going crazy. haha. we'll see.... ;) 

in all this thinking, i realized that i have been a 'pretender' at times.  you know.. where you pretend to be a certain way but in all honesty you're not.  it's worse than lying to others because you're lying to yourself.  at the time tho, you really believe it to be true because you're doing such a good job at pretending that you even believe yourself.  i see it happen all too often.  it's the people you know living the life of false happiness. dang. but there's also the people that are the fake A.holes (girls and guys both).. who act all big and bad but are really softies.. it's just their way of protecting themselves from reality or what could happen... or the people that come off as being arrogant but once you get to know them they're actually pretty insecure.. they just use the arrogance as a mask.?!?! 

just some thoughts.


Ann Taylor LOFT is the best store ever for cute work clothes... when i find things small enough to fit me LOL.. and they have petites.!!!! they had a buy one get one free sale when i was there on Tuesday.!!! no seriously.. 
so i picked up some cute tops for my internship.!
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yea and i got it in blue too... lol
the sale is still going on so hurry... get your work swagger on.. =) 

can someone please tell sephora and MAC to have a big sale now.?! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have been on edge today.. and i don't know why... very jittery and bouncy.  i had a normal day at work.. then had a normal day at home... nothing big so idk why i'm feeling this way... my mom even called me by my last name.. meaning i'm just like my dad and his side of the family.. we all have this anxiety or something..  whenever she calls me by the last name only it means 'you're just like you're dad' hahaha. but i love it. and them. :)

i was reading today and came across someone talking about latin's crazy tendencies... 

so the latina in me makes me very passionate about things and pretty hot tempered. so i can take a normal argument and blow it way out of proportion. i react in such a crazy way.. then afterwards.. i'm like.. 'whyy did i get so crazy.?! it's not even that serious.!!'  lol.. i will even argue about things i don't care about just because.. and i can't help it.!  so after i realize how insane i just acted.. i become passive aggressive thinking it may balance out the previous craziness... lol  'hot & cold' you could say. 

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i swear i need that blown up and framed in my room... maybe as my next tat.. hmm xmas gift.?! i really should make a list... 

oh.. here's a mirror shot of me and Silvia at her grad party.. 
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i didn't take many pics with my camera since it's still broken :'( 

oh and to end this blog... the cutest 'single ladies' fan video ever...

on a side note: i'm craving a trip to sephora. yea. that's also being added to my Christmas list. 

and i haven't had cold stone in a while... i need to fix that.