Sunday, December 7, 2008

new addition.

here's the bookshelf.. isn't it beautiful.?! one of a kind.. and i love the knobs.. i have a lot of bronze in my room so it goes perfectly with the rest of my decor.. his attention to detail is amazing.. i don't know if you can see my closet in any of my pics but he did that too... 



i still need to add some things but i love how it looks.. it has created so much space for my dresser too.. i used to have all of my stuff on the dresser ((jewelry everywhere.. hair clips and ties.. my perfumes.. lotion.. makeup)) and i hated it... now it's clear. i organized it all.!!! i might move some things around later... put my school binders and papers on my desk and my books i read on the shelf.. yea.. i like that idea.. and def some new picture frames with updated pictures.. yesss.. trip to target.!! 

i'm in love. i can't stop looking around my room. 

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Mrs.D said...

now you know why I am obsessed with decorating huh? you get this weirs felling of accomplishment... and it like " ahhhh....i've been meaning to do that for so long" Good job.