Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have had the worst case of insomnia the past three nights. NO IDEA why.  i usually fall right asleep.. it's very strange. 
anyway.. that's just why i didn't blog yesterday when Britney's CD dropped.  i was lucky enough to have a friend give it to me monday so i've been listening the past couple of days.  and well... i like it. here's a track from the CD called 'shattered glass' ..this one and 'seeking amy' .. which i also like a lot.. remind me of old britney..kinda.? no.? maybe.?... and she'll be here in s.fla in march.. yeaaaaa. might have to go to that.. my friend called me 'the oldest teeny bopper' he knows. lol. yea yea.. i loves it. and what.?!

and speaking of music: lady gaga has a christmas song.. and it's pretty much hilarious.. not your typical christmas song huh.? lolol

ok so.. i've been kinda bored lately..not with anything in specific.. just in general.. and not even bored really.. i think i just don't want to fall into the monotony of adulthood.. lol so i'm trying to keep things spunky haha... and it's causing me to do things i probably wouldn't do (nothing illegal.. no worries ;) ).. but i'm really liking it.. this blog for one.. but it's kinda fun to just do things spur of the moment.. or out of your 'box'. so now i cant stop thinking of something new i'd like to do... i'll still read (another lil somethin i picked up.. i mean.. i like to read but i've been reading a lot lately.. and lovin it ) 

i have to be reasonable.. i can't act recklessly.. well.. with this whole 'adulthood' thing and my future career.. haha. but something fun would be nice.  any ideas.?

everyone is so wrapped up on Serena and Blair on GossipGirl but i like Vanessa better. lol

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