Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have been on edge today.. and i don't know why... very jittery and bouncy.  i had a normal day at work.. then had a normal day at home... nothing big so idk why i'm feeling this way... my mom even called me by my last name.. meaning i'm just like my dad and his side of the family.. we all have this anxiety or something..  whenever she calls me by the last name only it means 'you're just like you're dad' hahaha. but i love it. and them. :)

i was reading today and came across someone talking about latin's crazy tendencies... 

so the latina in me makes me very passionate about things and pretty hot tempered. so i can take a normal argument and blow it way out of proportion. i react in such a crazy way.. then afterwards.. i'm like.. 'whyy did i get so crazy.?! it's not even that serious.!!'  lol.. i will even argue about things i don't care about just because.. and i can't help it.!  so after i realize how insane i just acted.. i become passive aggressive thinking it may balance out the previous craziness... lol  'hot & cold' you could say. 

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i swear i need that blown up and framed in my room... maybe as my next tat.. hmm xmas gift.?! i really should make a list... 

oh.. here's a mirror shot of me and Silvia at her grad party.. 
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i didn't take many pics with my camera since it's still broken :'( 

oh and to end this blog... the cutest 'single ladies' fan video ever...

on a side note: i'm craving a trip to sephora. yea. that's also being added to my Christmas list. 

and i haven't had cold stone in a while... i need to fix that. 

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