Tuesday, December 23, 2008

holiday shopping.

i still haven't found my ID.. i'm over it.
some lucky little 18 year old is walking around with MY id..
you're welcome.

so i went to the dmv today to get a new one.
i gave the girl my name and sat down.
in the worst seat possible.
i sat behind a guy from new york who spent the entire hour and a half i was there complaining about florida. not even joking.. the entire time.! telling whoever would sit next to him his entire life story. at first it was entertaining but quickly turned annoying as everything that came out of his mouth was a complaint about something. i couldn't take it.! so much negativity.
anyway.. between this dude.. the fact that i forgot my book at home.. and the too long wait... i left... ID-less.
whatever. i'll use my passport. lol.

all my presents are wrapped.

the mall wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.. i was more annoyed by the lack of merchandise i wanted than by the people..
i still have not been able to find any shoes for my internship.. ughhh
and i still haven't bought myself a gift.
i triiiiied to go into MAC but my mall buddy didn't want to go in.
which reminds me of something funny..
he said that girl's stores should have a 'waiting room' type area for guys with couches and a tv playing ESPN.. haha.. i think it's a pretty good idea.. then they wouldn't complain so much.
GUESS has a few couches but no tv..

do i dare go again tomorrow before the Noche Buena festivities.?! hmmm.

another reason why my mom is the best mom ever:
i ran out of biosilk the other day and mentioned it to her.. didn't say i wanted another bottle or anything.. just asked her if she had any of her garnier fructis one to use until i bought more.. now. let it be known that my mom is not one for names... she doesn't understand why one is more expensive than the other.
anyway. when i went to get my lotion this morning, i noticed a brand new bottle of biosilk. no note. no mention of it from her. it was just there. i freaking love her.

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