Tuesday, December 30, 2008


day two at the beach. i love living in florida.
middle of the winter and i'm laying on the beach...
two days in a row...
77 degrees. light breeze.
with good people, publix subs, and fruit.

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tomorrow is new year's eve. end of '08.
2008 was a good year.
and 2009 is going to be great.
i feel it.
i'm not going to bother with a 'new years resolution'.
they don't make sense to me.
and for the most part.. people don't stick to them.
i will, however, be eating my 12 grapes at midnight. lol.

... i.must.travel... i.will.travel.

i caught myself smiling for NO reason today.
well i didn't.. silvia did. but when she asked what was so funny
i said 'nothing.. just happy' =]
what a nice feeling.

'the universe is conspiring in my favor'

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