Monday, December 15, 2008

if found.. pls return.

damn gossip girl re-runs...

i can't find my I.D. 
or my black clutch.. i'm freaking out.
i hate losing things. 

Silvia's graduation party was Saturday night..
it was so nice and she looked beautiful.

i'm done with classes. 
i don't know what to do with myself.
almost done with Breaking Dawn...
...then Eat, Love, Pray.

people keep asking what i want for Christmas...
my answer.?! 'work clothes' haha
is that normal.?!
i mean... there are lots of things i 'want'
but i'm trying to be practical. 
internship=no paycheck.
trying to stick to things i 'need' instead.
someone please snap me out of this
soon. very soon. 

i diiiiid go shopping this weekend.
picked up a cute purple coat.
(then the cold goes away the next day.. figures)
super cute bright blue top.
pretty bracelet.
i wanted black boots... these specifically...
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Jessica Simpson.
but i couldn't find them. ::tear::
and of course because i already had those in my head
i wouldn't settle for anything else. 

that's all. 

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