Sunday, December 28, 2008

curious case of...

i saw the curious case of benjamin button last night.. interesting movie.. i really liked it... it was kind of sad but not boohoo cry throughout the movie sad. just sad for the character and the situations he goes through... it's crazy how they made Brad Pitt look... it was really long too. this old dude fell asleep in the movie and started snoring.!!! lmao. hilarious. then, at the end he turns to his wife and asks, 'so how was it.?' lolol..
then hit up sonic after.. those tater tots are yummy.

my sister saw the 'yes man' movie with jim carrey and said it was funny so i want to see that one..
for xmas my mom got me the sex n the city movie so i might have to plan a girls night with it and some wine.. hmmm.

i've become obsessed with decorating and organizing my room.. i want to keep adding things or moving things around to make it perfect. i'm happy with the furniture and the way it's set up but now i need things on the walls.. i have the 'live laugh love' up and i think that's pretty. i went to target today looking for a large picture frame because i want to take the 'promise yourself' poem.. blow it up(big).. and frame it. i couldn't find anything i liked :( i'd like it to be bronze to match the rest of my room decor.
i'm going to try michael's.. they have cute frames there.
i want some nice candles too.. not just for pretty.. candles to burn that smell nice. and some nice curtains..
i got some cute shoes for my internship...
these are called 'veronica' so i swore they were made for me lol
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

oh, and i got a new book.. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. i haven't even finished Eat, Pray, Love yet.. i just want to have my next book lined up.. and it's something i'm really interested in. i have to hurry and get to reading before my internship gets started.

i tried a new recipe from Publix today.. honey chicken and ginger broccoli.. yumm.
it also has vanilla rice.. but i didn't try that. next time.
try it. lemme know what you think.

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