Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sigma Update

Hi Dolls,
I finally washed my make up brushes. i've been kinda busy doing other things [aka lazy] that it took me a while to get over to Sephora to buy the brush shampoo and even after i bought it, it took another few days to wash them. First of all, there was very minimal shedding when i washed them and i made sure to wash them thoroughly since it was the first time. I used them for the first time this morning and was very pleased with the brushes. I was surprised at how big they are. The handles are sturdy and look polishes (similar to the MAC brushes). The powder brush has soft, dense fibers that applied my BareEssentuals powder evenly and makes it look natural. i really was surprised at the difference the brushes makes. The foundation brush has firm bristles, but the brush is very soft to your skin.

They really are great brushes. My only regret is that i didn't buy the brush roll. i didn't realize how big they were going to be and they don't fit in the brush roll i have. so my advise: buy the set that includes the roll.

while we're on the topic of makeup.... i have to tell you about my new favorite eye shadow palette.

this beauty was given to me as a Christmas gift and i am in love. i love purple eye makeup and these shadows are bright, pretty, and strongly pigmented colors that will brighten brown eyes and stay on all night... trust me. i know. ;)
ladies night.. this was my eyeshadow of choice.

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Love look gorgeous girl!