Wednesday, September 23, 2009


i've never gone under anesthesia for anything before.
this will change tomorrow. and i'm nervous as fu@$. i mean, it's just a simple wisdom teeth extraction, but still. the only other time i've had an IV put in, i passed out. when i tell this to people, they look straight at one of my tattoos and give me a crazy look. it's not the same.! i like tattoos. hospital needles, not so much. that's why my sister is the one working at the hospital and not me. another thing, i don't like the idea of being knocked out in a dentist's office chair and waking up in my bed back at home with no recollection of how i got there. and this whole 'you wont be able to eat for a few days' mess.. what is that.? how am i suppose to survive off of soup and yogurt.? ok, now i'm just being dramatic. i'm just crazy nervous and not looking forward to the pain and swelling. and of course, i will not be able to sleep tonight. i guess i can keep myself busy with online window shopping. :)

UPDATE: it's Thursday afternoon and i had my procedure this morning. It was not bad at all. i don't remember much after the doctor gave me the IV with the anesthesia. My mom told me that i was talking crazy talk when she came to get me from the room after aaand i have a piece of paper with notes i was writing with the nurse since i couldn't talk. LOL some stuff doesn't even make sense and other things are just hilarious. i refuse to throw it away. oh, and my mom says i was hitting my face because i thought it was so funny that i couldn't feel it. i put ' i can't feel my face' on twitter and people thought i was quoting a lil wayne song.... NO PEOPLE, i really couldn't feel my damn face. haha other than that i'm great. just mad that i can't eat what i want to eat. i'm lucky that i have a future nurse as a sister. she came over to check on me and mushed up a banana for me. :)

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