Monday, November 16, 2009


in an interview, she said this song was recorded just for fun... and that's what it is. a 'fun' track. i can't wait to hear her song 'Louboutin' that she's premiering at the American Music Awards on Sunday. of the song, she said
“It’s basically about when you get to that point in a bad relationship and you’re like, ‘Damn, I really have to leave. It’s just not good for me. This song is actually about when you’ve made the decision—I’m out. It’s not the girl who’s like, ‘I’m gonna take my stuff, and I’m gonna put on my sweatpants, and I’m gonna cry, and my girlfriends are gonna pick me up and we’re gonna go eat ice cream.’ It’s not that girl. This girl is like putting on her hottest dress and her sexiest Louboutin shoes, and leaving your ass. Like- I'm out.... Sometimes you just gotta do it. You gotta put on your Louboutins and be like, this is what you're missing.. buh bye.”
ha. can't wait.

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