Wednesday, March 25, 2009

busy busy

i'm finally able to breathe.
i wish i could say that i've been busy doing cool things like spur of the moment mini-vacations or parties ((lol)) but i can't. i've been working. bleh.

it's coming to the end of my internship and i've got all these assignments due.. and like the procrastinator that i am, i waited till the last minute to put everything together. aaaand i can be a bit of a perfectionist so i look over things a billion times. i have probably given myself carpel tunnel from all the typing i've done these past few days. good news is i only have a few more things to work on and i'm done.!! then....
G R A D U A T I O N.!

i picked up my cap and gown last week.! i don't get my cord until the day of the ceremony.. the cord is for graduating with honors. MAGNA CUM LAUDE. yes sirrrr. after all the ish i put my mom thru in HS, had to come out on top.. make her proud.. ya digggg.?! lol

just because i love this pic...
yo.. not for nothing, but my nephew is stunning.

Kerry Hilson's album dropped yesterday.
i STILL don't have the Dream's album.. i know, i know. smh.
somebody keeps tellin me they're gonna DL and send but i have yet to recieve it...

ok, so hopefully now i can re-join the rest of the [internet]world.

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