Monday, March 2, 2009


Google for Dr.Seuss' Birthday:
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today is Dr.Seuss' birthday so I read You're Only Old Once to the kiddies.. they loved it... and it's sad but a few of them had never heard a Dr.Seuss book before. :(  so tomorrow i'm probably going to read Green Eggs and Ham or The Cat in the Hat.. they have to hear the classics. i didn't think it would be much of a big deal outside of the school.. but how wrong i was.  i came home to find google looking like that and thought it was cute.  then, on the food network ((can't stop watching)) they had a cake making challenge using Dr.Seuss books as inspirations for the designs of the cakes.. i wanna be a kid forever. 


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Lil' Woman said...

I heart Dr. Seuss! I always wanted my mom to make green eggs when I was
I have something for you at my page!