Sunday, March 29, 2009


i'm still on the hunt for great, but not super expensive wipe-out-my-savings-account make up brushes...

so i was browsing some make-up related blogs this morning and came across one that was talking about a company called Stigma makeup that carries 'MAC comparable' brushes for cheaper... hmm.. being the skeptic that i am, of course i doubted it. i mean.. $64 for 12 brushes of MAC quality.?! ($79 for the brushes and roll) realllly.?! so i checked it out. the girl in the vlog was comparing the brushes side by side.. they sure do look the same. i checked out the web site and it looks legit. of course, they're sold out right now. i'll keep checking and hopefully try them out. maybe i'll pre-order. def worth trying..
sure beats spending $32 on one Stila brush.

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