Monday, April 20, 2009

coffee in the cup only


I spent a lovely day yesterday at a Beach Resort near my house. The weather was perfect and it was nice to sit pool side while facing the ocean.. even took a nice long walk along the beach. I went with a good friend who loves tanning and used this coffee bean extract lotion that she has that's really good. yeaaa.. really really good.. i am burnt.! i'm not gonna get all Kim Kardashian and post a pic of my red face, you're just gonna have to trust me. i had to put so much makeup on today to try and disguise the red. it kinda worked. i wasn't about to pack it on either. Graduation is in a week and a half.!! i better not start to peel. ew.

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Stephany said...

Miss ya.

i love your blog...

you've been tagged!