Thursday, April 2, 2009

ladi dadi..

even tho i'm on spring break, i've still been working *gasp* 


ok.. not a lot or anything, but still. i'm suppose to spend the whole week on the beach.. right.?  well, today is thursday.. which is many people's friday. and it's vicky's weekend off.!!! YAAAY. so tonight starts the kickoff of the way spring break is suppose to be done since it is my last as a college student.  we'll see how this goes.. i was talkin to B the other day about how i used to party hard. i don't think i can hang like i used to... but, a little taste of the old days should be fun. and hopefully i remember i have a camera again.  i've gotten so used to not having one.

oh.. and no stanky legg.  
shit, hopefully my legs don't give out.. like they almost did after yesterdays workout. lol

here is my weekend song: 

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