Saturday, April 18, 2009

i am wonder woman

First of all, let it be known that i am not a fan of video games.. i think they are a waste of time... and i don't like that many promote violence and theft. With that said, I am obsessed with Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.. lolol.

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Doesn't make sense, right.? I've known plenty of people that enjoy video games and I would just shake my head. I was never interested in playing and didn't want to be around if someone was playing. I'd be sooo bored. So yesterday, i went to my friend B's house. I walk in to a room of 3 men... i mean, these aren't 16 year old boys, they are grown ass 24 year old men, playing Mortal Kombat... yelling at each other.. standing up.. pushing buttons maddd hard. They were super into it. Where i would have usually been bored, i was actually highly entertained. i thought it was hilarious watching them. Then, they asked if i wanted to play, and i figured why not.? So when it was my turn, i just went crazy on the buttons.. they were screaming at me 'push R2 to block... back front X' i didn't know wtffff they were talking about.. haha. THEN, i won a round. ok.. i know this doesn't mean i won the fight, but shit, it excited me. I'm not one of those people that hates to lose. But, i sure as hell do love to win. it was a wrap. i was hooked. and i aint even gonna lie.. it was fun. i couldn't wait for my turn and even started lookin online for the moves.. haha. then i won TWO fights... seeing 'Wonder Woman Wins' on the screen was amazing.!! hahaha.. i guess i kinda get the addiction now.

So now, all i want to do is rent the game and go to my little cousin's house who has PS3 to perfect my Wonder Woman skills... i need to be able to whoop Jax and his damn machine guns and Scorpion with his annoying "come here" lolol.. i am so laughing at myself.

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Wonder Woman - Trey Songz

Wonder Woman... Super Woman: it's all the same.. and this one brings me back :)

Superwoman Pt. 2 (feat. Fabolous) - Lil Mo

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