Sunday, April 26, 2009

graduation cap

As I've mentioned before, graduation is a few days away. One of the other interns made me and the girls these cute felt cut outs to decorate our graduation caps. (There was 6 of us at one school) I've had my cap and gown for a few weeks now, and although I have tried on the gown for my mom, i didn't bother with the cap. I just took the cap out of the closet to decorate it and tried it on first. oh em gee. it is shiteous. lol First of all, it says 'one size fits all' which is ridiculous. I mean, when you buy a fitted you need a size, right.? Same thing for a graduation cap. It goes on your head. I have a pretty small head so it creates this little poofy thing from the elastic on it. Aaaand, it makes this 'V' thing on the front creating the Eddie Munster look if worn up front. helllll no.! lol I'm going to wear it as far back as possible... or at least try. I'm going to need some serious bobby pins to make this work.

this is what i want it to look like
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hmm.. maybe even the curls at the bottom.. love that pic of them.

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