Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day

i am awake but my eyes are still closed. i feel his face so close to mine.. and i know he is smiling.  then.... 

.... he pokes my eyes and yells 'GOOD MORNING TIA'   lolol 

another one of jamel's 8 am wake up calls.. i really needed to sleep in today to make up for Friday night's lack of. nearly impossible when jamel is here. i had promised i'd make blueberry pancakes today, so i decided to suck it up and get out of bed.  my mom already had my cafe con leche ready for me when i got out of the bathroom...this woman is amazing.  and on a day that we are supposed to be celebrating our father's and how great they are, i can't help but hug my mom and say happy father's day.  i looked at the time, it was 8:30.. too early to call my dad.  he was probably taking his siesta since it's 2:30 in Spain. 

soo i took out the box of pancake mix and the box of blueberries from the fridge.. whipped up a mean batch of pancakes and throw them on the stovetop griddle.. threw in some fresh blueberries before i flipped them.  i made two without the blueberries... just in case jamel's not a fan.. ((yea right.. this kid eats everything))  for me, moms, and yeya.. threw some fresh blueberries on top of the pancakes and syrup. they loved them.  

killed some time with jamel on photobooth.. he thinks it's hilarious to see himself on the computer screen.. and waves to say hi to me even tho i'm sitting right next to him. 



i think he was wondering where his nose went.. lol

theeeen, i signed on skype and called my dad.. jamel and i wished him a happy father's day.. turns out that in Spain, father's day is in March. did the whole SKYPE thing for a while.. talked to him.. jamel and the felix did their version of talking and now it's time to take jamel outside to his little pool. 

and later.. gotta go wish yeyo a happy father's day. bring him some fresh flowers.  i miss him. a lot.

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