Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i woke up at 7 am this morning for NOOO reason.. 
this out of nowhere thunderstorm woke me up and i couldn't go back to sleep, so i just chilled in bed, eventually dosing back to sleep... i think. 

it was pretty bad outside all morning.  
yeya says there's hurricanes forming in the oceans. 
i was suppose to go to the beach today, but that's not happening. 
instead, i think i'll bake... and read... and return emails.
... search target.com for new bedsheets and a lamp.
i'm kind of itching to do a DIY project. 
i've got some ideas for my room.

i took yeya to the library yesterday. 
she checked out a book about the crisis of islam... in english.
so now she asks me what words mean all day. 
part of me wants to tell her to just get a book in Spanish next time, but i like that she's challenging herself. aaaand i like that she checked out a book she can learn from instead of a novel, like me.
i picked out another Jodi Picoult. 
Change of Heart.

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