Tuesday, May 12, 2009


for a person that is usually very stressed, i'm pretty calm considering it is almost 10 at night, i have to be at MIA tomorrow at 3:30 and I am still not ready.  My room is a mess.  I still have clothes on my bed that i can't decide if i'm taking or not.  All of my products (i.e. make-up, hair stuff, toiletries) are on my dresser.. i still haven't figured out where to pack them.  And i still have to put together a carry on bag of the important things i need by me at all times.  I still haven't decided if i want to bring my computer, although I'm leaning towards yes.  
nope. not freaking out.  I'm just staring at it.  Maybe thinking it will magically pack itself.? well... at least i did my nails. :) and i'm almost done with my book. haha 
i'm sure i'll wake up a nervous mess.
because i still have a to do list for 'the day of' 


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