Saturday, May 9, 2009


today was supposed to be my day to pack.  It is 4:10 in the afternoon and let me tell you how much I have packed: nothing. Not even some jeans. lol.. I did finish that book I just started tho.. aaaand i did all of my laundry and even put it away... and tried a new rosemary chicken recipe that turned out really good.  plus Jamel's here so we've been hanging out... pretty much everything but pack. My sister dropped off the Emily Griffin books she's been telling me about.  She gave me 3.. Something Blue ... Something Borrowed ... and Baby Proof.  They are supposed to be for the 482673 hour plane trips but i don't know.. they're just sitting there on my dresser.  Screaming out to me to read them. I really hope i start packing soon so i don't do a half ass job and forget to pack things.. like my passport. lol

update: of course i gave in and started reading the books.  i'm on page 37 of Something Blue when my sister walks in the house from work.  She asks what i'm reading and I show her it's the book she gave me and she gives me this shocked face :-O and yells 'why are you reading that one.?!?!' LOL.. i guess i'm suppose to read Something Borrowed first... oops. 

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Lil' Woman said... better get on it girl, or you'll be stuck here in the states! : )