Monday, May 4, 2009

sober corner

Have you ever gone to a party or the club and decided not to drink... just people watch instead.?! Wellllllll... i had a very entertaining Friday night.  It was the day after graduation and i had to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to work.  Came straight home to take a nap bc i knew i had this party to get to.  My very good friend was hosting a bday party for her bf's friend.   I had originally planned on drinking away and crashing at her house, but my mom was out of town and i didn't want to leave yeya home alone without letting her know.  I guess I was still kinda tired too.  So instead, i chose to chill in the sober corner with a glass of wine, mingle, and people watch. ((i did drink just didn't get drunk))  WOW.  now i know how Brian feels allll the time. People are hilarious when they're drunk.  Part of me wanted to give in and join the drunken fun.. i'm actually surprised at my will power. lol  Anyway, great party... witnessed some very interesting things and funny ass people..  and now i actually might choose the sober corner more often..... maybe. 


Saturday i chilled with Vicky and Jamel in the morning.  Jamel was a little sick :(  then, went to watch the game with Brian.  We went to see the Xmen Wolverine movie with Kels, Dave, and Tristan. i liked it a lot.  But, i like xmen.  and ladies, Hugh Jackman's body is sick.  The radio said it made 87 million over the weekend... that's crazy. another late night/early morning.

Sunday was such a relaxingggg day.  Spend the day at the Beach Resort with Silvs.  Hit the gym first.. gotta love the touch screen gym equipment.. lol even tho i couldn't figure it out at first.  umm..i apparently don't have very good social skills LOLOL.. then, laid out by the pool with a fruit smoothie (YUM) and talked all about the crazy party Friday night. And the pool temperature was perfect.!! if it wasn't so packed and we'd had a few strawberry daiquiris in us, we might have had an underwater handstand race.. and used sarah silverman's dad as our judge. um. yea. met him. he's a weirdo. lol

aaaaand today, back to Monday.

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Lil' Woman said...

Sounds like a fun weekend...sometimes it's fun watching all the drunk people make fools of themselves. :)