Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i can't...

...get enough of this song or the video.. 

...believe how long this cold weather has lasted.. it makes me so happy... even tho waking up at 6 am isn't easy when you're freezing... but i get to wear my fluffy socks at night =) 

...stop thinking about the rest of the twilight series.. i want to read them but i really need to finish up all of these reports i have.  i'm such a procrastinator.  although i must admit, i do my best work under stress... and my stress level is only on yellow. i'm adding them to my book wish list and bumping them right to the top.. i mean.. it only makes sense to read them back to back, right.?

...wait to see the movie.

...go out this weekend. booooo.  but really. i need to lock myself in my room until all my work is done. 

...stand when people mix up 'their'  'there' and 'they're'   

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