Sunday, November 16, 2008

juju's haircut...

what a weekend. 

Friday was fab.u.loso lol

i finished reading Twilight.. it only took me 3 days.! it was such an amazing book. i have to go get the 2nd book.  but AFTER i catch up with some assignments... ((i feel like such a Twilight nerd :p )
i went to Cold Stone and shared some cake batter ice cream with rainbow sprinkles with jamel  YUM...
((even tho i think i may have given him too much bc he was crazy hyper after.. oops))

then went out with my lovelies.. we had a blast.. it was nicole's first time out since having her beautiful daughter.. i want to say it was like old times, but it wasn't. it was better.  i love my sisters. 

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saturday, i spent the day visiting family with vicky and jamel.. i got some blogging tips from my cousin's wife.. thanks steph ((notice the new signature after each blog lol )) i'm new to this, so i'm still playing around with it. 

then today i woke up to such beautiful weather.!  i hope it stays like this all week so i can break out the sweaters and the scarves.  

vicky and i were on skype with my dad and the baby and we started talking about jamel's hair and how she wants to cut it.  she was debating bc his curls are so cute but he looks crazy when its too long lol. so, we found yeyo's clippers, sat jamel in his booster chair, and tia vero became barber vero haha. we kept skype on so my dad could watch lol.. and even when he's an ocean away, he's still talkin junk tellin us what we're doing wrong..haha
jamel before:
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jamel now:
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he looks like a little man now.. isn't it so cute.?!
he keeps rubbing his head saying something.. the only word i make out is 'hair' lolol

OK.. gotta do the sunday night Desperate Housewives viewing with my mom.
a teenage boy having an affair with an older married woman.. didn't this already happen in the first season.!? hmm.. 

i guess there's a reason ppl go to barber school lol.. i didn't do such a great job cutting his hair so vicky took him to the shop today and he is STUNNING.. fresh tape and all
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