Saturday, November 22, 2008


..on Twilight:

i got home from seeing the movie a little while ago and,well... i didn't hate it, but i didn't love it either.  i'm glad i saw it, but felt it could have been better.  the acting wasn't that great.  i think that with as much money that is coming in from this film, they could have afforded better actors.  at first, i wasn't sure about the actor who played Edward because I thought he looked too scruffy to be this 'porcelain skin Greek God' as described in the book, but, he did look the part in the movie so that was good.  they really made sure the Cullen family was glowing.  i guess i forgot they use make up and all that good stuff. lol. it's time to read the rest of the series. 

and i never went to target... it was chilly outside so we thought Starbucks pre-movie was a better idea.. i'll go in the morning.  hopefully get some goodies. 

i'm staying in tonight.  have a lot of work to do tomorrow and i would like to be able to function.  not to mention it's too cold... it's a great night for my black and pink polka dot fluffy socks.. PINK sweat pants.. tshirt.. and SNL. 

gnight kiddies. 

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Mrs.D said...

funny. check out my blog and one of my faves G&D talk about the movie....look at it. It's I just want to read the book. Get the work done missy. Love ya. xoxoxo -s