Sunday, November 9, 2008


Jamel woke me up at the crack of dawn on Saturday... so much for sleeping in.. so I spent the day watching movies and eating.. had lunch.. went to coldstone.. cake batter icecream with rainbow sprinkles is my absolute favorite icecream EVERRR.. the bday cake remixx is amazing too but can be very filling.. then went to the theater to see Role Model which is funnier than i thought it would be... thennn went home and watched Why Did I get Married.. man oh man is there truth in that 80/20 rule... ;)

oh and i downloaded skype so i can video chat with my dad in Spain and see video of my baby brother =) now he can see and hear me.. it makes me happy knowing that now Vicky and I will be more than just pictures.. technology is fabulous

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ok so.. the best part of going to the theater is watching the previews right? RIGHT.! i've been hearing so much about this book Twilight.
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Someone told me it's a vampire love story so I said ehh no thanks.. doesn't sound like my cup of tea.. not to mention i've seen some of my middle schoolers with this book.. but more and more adults keep telling me it really is a good book/series.. and i sure do love a good book.. so i was already entertaining the thought of reading it when...... i saw the preview for the movie... now i reallly want to read it. might have to stop by barnes&noble on the way to class tomorrow.

oh and my current obsessions:
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i can't decide.. i love them but i'm short and they're flats.! lol

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Urban Decay eyeshadow and sets.. vert..goddess. purple haze. graffiti. ransom. <3

that's all..

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Mrs.D said...

love the pic of ur dad and baby. Miss ya. Sometime this week we should go by sephora. =} anyhow. Read the book and let me know how it goes.