Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wu tang?

A couple weeks ago, nicole and i went to pick up her bfs little cousin and he was telling us about this wu tang dance thing.  We had NO idea what he was talking about.. we were thinking Wu Tang as in Method Man, RZA, ODB.. wrong.. lol... so after laughing of confusion and feeling old for 2.5 seconds we forgot about it.  Then, yesterday, a classmate was telling me about her son doing this wu tang dance at a party. again.. i had no idea what it was so i decided to youtube it. HILARIOUS. there's even videos of little kids doing it. 

today at the end of the day as the kids were waiting for the bell to ring i heard someone singing the song so i looked over to see a tiny 4th grader doing this dance.. haha.. i find this highly entertaining. 

Another lovely night of reports. yay. 

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Mrs.D said...

I wonder if Souja Boy aka, alladin already does this one too. lol