Wednesday, November 26, 2008

relax mode.

((background music: kanye 808s & heartbreaks... it's somethin serious))

::sigh:: i'm so happy to be able to relax after all of the pre-Thanksgiving break assignments.  i've been attached to my computer and finished everything i had to so i  had to go out and celebrate with the girls last night..  sometimes the nights that aren't even planned are the best.. happy hour turned into a night out.. in my work clothes lol... 
still have some work to do over the break but my stress level is back down to yellow.. lol 

i'm also reading New Moon over the break. after that horrible movie, i needed to be reminded of the amazing writing in the books.  

hello kitty and MAC are teaming up to make...
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loves it. February. mine.

just because...

i need a camera. im a mess without one. don't know what to do with myself. 

it's a beauuuutiful day. off to the beach. 

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