Monday, November 3, 2008

Step Into My World...

So I've decided to start my very own blog.. it seems like lots of fun and a place to write things i find interesting.. things i like.. and my thoughts.. like an online diary :)  just one that i share with the world...   let's see what silliness i can find to write about.!!! 

So.. I'm in class today and I ask the girl that sits next to me if she has a piece of gum.. 
she hands me Fruit Stripe.!!! I haven't seen it in so long.! It's the zebra gum that has the tattoos on the wrapper.. mine is the zebra dude dunkin a BasketBall..  I tried using it as a tattoo but it didn't work.. :( 
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1 comment:

Mrs.D said...

i love it. so cute. you will see you will be addicted. I am adding you to my faves on my blog. love u.