Friday, February 27, 2009

f r i d a y

Sorry that i haven't been writing much..
i've been busy.

everyday after work, Kelly has been making me meet her at the gym... and she is no joke.. i swear she should be a personal trainer. she's that good. but i like it because she's very positive about it..high fives and all LOL.. i'm not one to want to go to the gym or anything... i usually complain on the way there.. or make excuses as to why i can't... but once i'm there it's not so bad... i actually kind of like it.. especially with kelly.. she's a good workout partner.. and it's nice to take time out of our busy schedules and talk.. plus.. i leave feelin niiice..
aaand i don't feel so bad about all the chocolate and coldstone i eat =)

but... it does leave me exhausted as hell... i can barely keep my eyes open when i try to read my book before bed...

which i really need to be reading.. because i need this enlightenment experience thing to click.. i am super stressed at my intership lately.. i have so many great ideas i want to do, but there's only so much i can do. i'm getting frustrated easily.. i yelled at my kiddies today.!!! (( is it wrong that part of me was laughing on the inside to their scared little faces.?! lolol))

oh, and instead of a new bag... today i want these...
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i went out to dinner wednesday night and we thought it'd be funny to pretend it was my mom's birthday.. just to have the servers sing 'happy birthday' to her... lol... it's funny bc my mom gets embarrassed at shit like that.. jamel loved it.

soooo.. being that it's friday and all.. here's some 'end-of-the-week stress relief' music
straight south florida 90's booty..
WARNING: they're NOT the clean versions.. couldn't find those. sorry. if you don't want to hear the words.. don't push play.

let me ride that donkey - 69 boys

Shake A Lil Somethin - 2 Live Crew

scarred - uncle luke

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Lil' Woman said...

OMG! Love the music esp. "let me ride that donkey" have kids?? what?? you look soo damn young!

-Oh and did you see Kanye cut off that atrocious mullet! Thank God!