Monday, February 9, 2009

home all day

being sick sucks.
i didn't go to work today.. my official first day of 100%
i was so upset. but what can i do.? i didn't want to go and feel crappy all day.
i caught up on some work.. but eventually, that too got boring.
thought about fixing my room up a little, but then laid back down.
i've pretty much been a bum all day.. and i don't feel the least bit mad at myself for it.
Nikki's right. she says we all need a day like this every once in a while.

at least i was able to catch up on perezhilton
OMG i read about Chris Brown and Rihanna
why, Chris... why.?!?!

and with as much as i hate fast food, i have to run and pick up a Happy Meal from McDonald's to get one of these babies... ((not today, obviously))
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how cool is it that.? Hello Kitty.

i saw the movie The Reader the other day. it's up for an academy award and Oprah was raving about it so i just had to go see it. what a powerful movie. i didn't really know much about it prior to going in to the theater but i liked it better that way. all i knew was that it was about a love affair between a woman and a very young boy. but it's so much more than that.

last night at the grammys..
M.I.A. performed with jay-z, lil wayne, t.i., and kanye west
on her freaking DUE DATE.!!! she's awesome.
and the boys looked so cute.. on their grown man dress code. nothing sexier.

kim kardashian and katy perry both looked beautiful
loved Katy in the soft pink..
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and i really liked the ruffles on kim's dress
sexy, but not too much.
and short to show off them legs she's been working out lol
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