Saturday, February 7, 2009

snuffly & sneezy

As hard as i have tried, i wasn't lucky enough to avoid this damn cold that's been going around for weeks now. i'm not horrible, but i don't feel well at all. not to mention i don't look great.. i noticed i have bags. i admit, they are mini bags, but still. bags.?! EW.

apparently, some people think ColdStone cake remixx is the cure for an oncoming cold because that's what i was given last night instead of Advil cold/sinus medication. lol i'm not gonna lie tho.. it did hit the spot and put a smile on my face... so although it is not the cure for the cold, it is a cure for the way a cold makes you feel. oh, and some comedy to add to the mix.. the phone interview 50 Cent gave to Ed Lover about all this Rick Ross beef.. hilarious... and the interview is LONG.. 50 really is a funny dude.. it made me kinda feel bad for Rick Ross.. not really tho bc he did start it.. yea so.. all that made my stuffy nose seem not so bad. and the warm cuddles.

so tonight i'm watching a movie with my mom and vicky.. eating cookies and drinking tea.. the best tea ever when you're sick.. Tazo Refresh. it's minty so it helps clear up sinuses. add some honey for your throat and you're good to go.

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