Monday, February 16, 2009


i'm sitting here.. attempting to be productive but it's not working.
knowing that graduation is so close makes me want to slack and watch maury.. lol
not good.
i should be ok tho.
i'm OCD when it comes to 'to do' lists and i've already written mine for today.
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(( 'to do' lists run my life))
i've got from the end of the this blog till 3 to do it.

instead, i'm looking for cameras online.
because i hate that i don't have one.
not to mention i will def need one for graduation.!
and new bags because.. well.. i want one.
doesn't even have to be fancy.
just over the black one i have now.

looks like it's going to rain today.
=) i like the rain.

side note: i need a bang trim.
i'm not ready to grow them out.
kind of love them.

ok... i'm off to work.! i am all of a sudden super motivated.!
i'm gonna get my shit done.!!

ok cafe con leche must be kickin in


1 comment:

Lil' Woman said...

To-do list run my life too...i thrive off them! :)