Sunday, February 15, 2009

weekend wrap up

President's Day=no school 
which means i get another sleep in day. 

friday was the Vday party at school.. my kiddies are too cute
they gave me lots of candy and cards and some even got me gifts (thanks to their moms) my favorite: the pink heart shaped post it notes. sooo me. i love post its. 
came home.. shared my candy with yeya.. and took a nap
friday night.. went out with kelly and the boys 

side note: i'm obsessed with my snake skin heels
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my swag... his swag.
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saturday: spent the day in bed watching movies 
felt soooo good. casino.. the godfather. for the first time.! 
oh, and had firehouse subs for the first time, too... 
damn they're good. 

super exciting news:
i got my graduation info in the mail today.!!!
april 30th i will officially be a college graduate. 
about damn time. lol 

went to the farmers market today and got bags of fresh fruits and veggies for cheap. that's my new spot for produce. 
lovely weekend. only downside is... i can't stop eating the chocolate.!!! 

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Lil' Woman said...

Thanks for following my blog..I absolutely LOVE yours..those heels & that tat..too cute :)