Thursday, July 9, 2009

the 'checklist'

I had a conversation this morning about this little thing called 'the checklist.'  You know those wo(men) out there that will just date anybody just to have a man (or chic).? Or maybe not anybody, but they don't expect things that you should at a certain age.  Or the ones that have the wrong things on their minds.. things that shouldn't matter.  Anyway, what was a very funny conversation lead me to this blog.

Most people have certain standards (or at least should) when it comes to who they date.  This may not be a written on paper checklist but it sure is mental.  And it's different for everybody.  This is, in my opinion, what someone in their mid 20s should look for. Let's see. and i know i'ma get heat for this.

  • at least your age.  18 year olds are so eager to please and so darn cute but, no... and younger than 18 is jail time.
  • a car. how are you going to get around to your......
  • job*.. and playing video games all day is not a job. 
  • morals/values: don't try to holla with your wedding band shining in the sunlight (oh, it's happened lol)
  • no more than 1 kid ...
  • and no (or very minimal) babymommadrama
  • an education* please know the difference between their, they're, and there/ our, are 
  • treat your mom/sister/grandma with respect
  • good hygiene 
  • hold a conversation (about things other than just who's album is about to drop)
  • dress code on point (this does not mean you gotta be rockin LV or true religion, just make what you got work... please no Ed Hardy tho)
  • sense of humor. 
  • thoughtful
*or working on it. 

because 'he's cute' just isn't gonna cut it anymore.

sidenote: this is just a joke not to be taken [100%] seriously.  lololol

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Anonymous said...

LOL..its not a joke but its so funny cuz its true! lol