Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fun in the sun

Remember that Little Black Dress event I told you guys about last week.?  Well, there was a raffle for some prizes and everyone that had a drink was entered.  Not that i would have needed an excuse for a drink. haha. so anyway, i got an email the other day from the events manager that i had won one of the prizes.!! i thought it was kinda cool to win something, you know.?  i wasn't really expecting much... maybe a gift certificate to go back to the spot, which would have been nice.  uh, no. i get there today to pick up my prize and the lady walks out with a freaking bag and starts pulling shit out.  I won a 3 day, 2 night stay at this really nice hotel on South Beach, a gift card to Bliss Spa, and a very large bottle of vodka. :))))))  WOW. i'm pretty excited. i'm thinking of taking my bottle down there and drinking and tanning the weekend away at South Beach.  whaddathink.?!? who's coming.??! lol 

i didn't have the best of days yesterday so this was a definite pick me up and now i can't stop smiling.. :))  God's way of tellin me to stop trippin.??  extra xoxo today.

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