Thursday, July 2, 2009

rain.. rain.

Another night of rain.  Now, i usually don't mind because i love the rain and the sound of thunder.  Buuuut, when i put on an outfit and some cute sandals and i walk out to a hurricane, it puts a huge damper on things.  You know, the water splashing all over your legs or walking thru a puddle and the water gets in your sandal.  and it's even worse when they're the kinds with the strap behind the ankle so you can't dry your feet. ughh.

So, i'm thinking some rain boots might be a good idea. And some for Jamel, too.  Since he just looooves running thru puddles. ((not gonna lie.. almost lost it the other day for that)) I will try to stay away from all black ones tho.  I don't want to look like the crazy killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer.  don't act like you don't know what movie i'm talking about. 

love the birdie on these
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Jamel would love these..
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they're Cars 

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