Thursday, July 16, 2009

retail therapy

7:45 am.  that's what time i set my alarm for this morning.  and i surprised myself by NOT hitting snooze.  had some business i had to handle today.  But, before heading out the door, there was something i wanted to do.  I've been in such a cranky mood lately so i wanted to get back in the habit of my 'vero time.'  I put the alarm earlier than i really needed to be up to make sure that i had time. made myself a nice egg sandwich with my cafe con leche and did the ME thing... just sat still..  no thoughts in my head just a smile on my face. i almost forgot how good it felt. Then, i set off to my productive morning.  So productive in fact, that i thought i should reward myself LOL.. 

i told myself to only buy ONE thing: the romper. but then, i found the distressed jeans i JUST blogged about. kindof. they're not the loose boyfriend fit. but they were so cute and inexpensive. i couldn't pass them up. i know. i know. shame on me. but then, to make it worse, as i was waiting in line, i saw them. the glasses. the clear nerd glasses that i DO NOT need but could not stand to put back. 

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they're long and i'm short so i will wear them cuffed up 

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BTW.. i finally got to wear my purple AA pocket dress over the weekend when i went downtown. it is the most comfortable dress ever. might just be my new go to. 

"Everyday is my day. I'ma do it my way. Everyday." 


Lil' Woman said...

Too the jeans! :)

Stephany said...

dude, those glasses are not cute! sorry...but they are funny and the jeans are time should be a sacred thing for a girl.