Thursday, January 8, 2009


it hasn't even been a full week yet and i already feel like i'm getting sick..

and i thought i was doing so good at NOT getting sick because it feels like everybody around is and up until today i've felt great. my fabulous sister went to the grocery store and bout me some airborne.. isn't she great.?!

nothing really exciting has happened. i am exhausted but i love it. i love what i'm doing. i mean.. this is my career. career. lol sorry it just feels good to say career. plus.. i know that eventually by body will get used to being up that early. but i feel like such an old lady going to bed by 10.

i'm loving my studs.. i've never been a studs kinda girl so i was iffy at first. but they're so shiny. lol i find myself walking by mirrors singing lil wayne's chorus 'bling bling' hahaha.

and i'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of these two tops i ordered from victoria's secret. i don't like ordering clothes online. it takes forever. i want to wear it NOW. one is a long sleeve sweater top that would have been perfect for today's chilly weather. oh well. i wait.

my cousin's wife stephany made this really cute photo frame out wine bottle corks and its so cute. so i stole her idea and started keeping the corks when i buy a bottle (when i remember :-/ ) to make my own smaller version... because hers is huge. i was keeping them in a drawer but it got messy.. so when i redid my room that day, i was putting away a clear vase i had but decided instead to keep in on my dresser with the corks in it. and now i love how it looks.

when it's full it will probably look so much cuter.

this is the other side of the dresser..

..ok i'm going to bed.. gnight.

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