Monday, January 19, 2009

i got banged...

saturday morning =) 


i've wanted to do this ever since i got the side sweep ones a few months back but never had the cojones to actually do it. until saturday morning. 

went out to a delicious dinner friday night with Silvia&Keith
attempted Blue Martini but that didn't work out ;) lolol
((won't put anyone on blast here.. just know that Silvs is a bad ass)) haha

i spent the day with my mom on saturday..
we did some shopping at target and i saw this buddha that i fell in love with

only problem is it's too big for my room.
and i'm pretty sure my gma isn't going to let me put it in the living room.
so now i have to find one that's a good size to put in my room.

i finally got down to Alain & Steph's house on sunday.
crazy night. 
Alain made us some very good drinks.
cranberry, vodka, and patron citronge.
spices up the usually vodka n cranberry.
hey.. it was a 3 day weekend.. we're adults.
why not celebrate on a sunday night.?!?! lol
lots of laughs.. people 'bouncing'.. and a creative way to use a 20 oz bottle of water ;) haha
i really wish i had a camera. 

had to crash in their beautiful spa like guest room.
woke up and had breakfast. yum. 
i really wish they would open up a vicky bakery by my house so i could eat pastelitos de guayaba everyday. 

now i'm watching gossip girl and attempting to write lesson plans..
not working out so great. 
but i am suuuper happy that vanessa is in this episode.
missed her last week. 
girl crush.?!

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Mrs.D said...

hey how did the non thingy thingy go at lunch? you know what? lol. call me tmorrow...xoxo