Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dear Weekend,

thanks for being so freaking!

chilled with vicky and jamel friday night.
wore the shirt stephy & alain got me
they think i'm...


watched HellBoy.  it's not at horrible as i thought it would be.
jamel is so cute. he does this thing where he sits right next to me on the couch.. he kinda squeezes under my side a little bit and rests his head. aw. and if i move a little he moves too.. he has to be super close. 
look at him with his cool 'doctor glasses' 

saturday was girls night out.
what a night. 
in a good way.

twitter was addicting.. and even tho i left my phone at home (who does that.?!) i found a way to use Claudia's phone to update... lol

finally got to wear the blue and black dress that has been sitting in my closet forever. 

we only had one camera and it wasn't even charged. :(
damn shame. those would have been some funny pictures.

just another reminder that i still don't have a camera.

aaaand now i'm sad because the weekend is over.
back to my old lady schedule.

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